How to Apply for HRF

Click on the appropriate image below to download a HRF Application.


  • Those with Microsoft Word software should download the Microsoft Word format of the application, fill it in, save it and email it back to the email address below.
  • Those without Microsoft Word software should fill out the PDF version of the application, print it out,  and either mail it, or scan and email it to the email address below.
Microsoft Word document
Portable Document Format (PDF)


A $1,000 donation (or any amount greater) to the Kin Canada Foundation is required by or on behalf of each recipient. This award may also be given posthumously where circumstances warrant.

Once the application is completed, please send the application and donation to:

Carmen Preston
Kin Canada
1920 Hal Rogers Dr.
Cambridge, ON
N3H 5C6

You can also send your request for an application to